Testimonial Devi

I had an issue with my right ear and it has some sort of Morse code sound that will not stop. I can barely sleep at night because of the loud sound. There were couple of night that I cried because the sound was bothering me so much. To get around the issue, I prayed myself to sleep with tears on my eyes. There is no place to hide when there is an issue with the ear. I tried everything that I can think of. I went to acupuncture, and other healing modalities and none seems to work effectively. I also used some essential oil treatment and that did not work too. I went to so many doctors and test such as MRI scan, ENT test, and blood test. The test came out normal on my ears. There is one doctor who wanted to prescribe me anti-depressant drug when the noise does not calm down. After this doctor, I was angry and I felt like is that all the doctor can do or knows how to do (prescribe medication)?

I prayed about this issue and I googled “healer”. The first instant of search I found Devi and Jeffrey website. Immediately, after work I called them and make appointment to see Devi.  During our conversation over the phone with Devi, I already sensed the loving energy from her and it already calm down my ear noise. The story began… 

I went through 11 spiritual healing sessions with Devi. Shiva comes to Devi’s space during the healing session. Shiva has the ability to communicate telepathically, see beyond our physical body such as blockages, pain, light, and internal body. Shiva can see past trauma and bring it to light. Shiva is focused on heart where it is the central system for our internal organs to function properly. Shiva heals the root cause of the illness. Shiva is rich in wisdom and kind. Shiva can be tough at times too.

Devi is the receiver of Shiva spirit. Without Shiva spirit, Devi is very kind-hearted and loving woman. She is also rich in wisdom as well. She has the spiritual energy of love and light frequencies with her all the time.

Here were some highlighted experiences that I went through during the healing sessions. The first day I showed up I can sense the loving energy from Devi. When Shiva was in Devi’s space, I did not want to use the word channeling because Devi is aware of all things that was happening during the healing session. She was not in trance. When Shiva occupied Devi’s space, she has white aura around her. When Shiva left her space, He exited from the 7th crown chakra.

I cried on the first day during the healing sessions. Shiva was focused on healing my pancreas, liver, and kidney instead of my ear issue. I felt better the first day. I felt lighter and relieve. That night, my noise on the ear got softer but still there. It did not disappear. 

Each time I went for healing sessions, I discovered more about myself through Shiva. I had past trauma that I need to face and release in order to heal myself. I face my trauma experiences and I did not have recurring nightmares.  

During the healing sessions, sometimes I felt the hotness from Shiva’s many hands, sometimes I heard the frequencies travelling around me, sometimes I felt like there were multiple hands hovering around my body and legs. One time I felt the energy in my heart and it was not painful but it was calm and very loving and peace. One time, I saw Shiva in golden orange color energy. It was beautiful. One time I saw dark gray smoke coming out of my head. That day, my head instantly felt like it was released from a plastic bag that was suffocating my brain. Many times, I saw floaters floating around. The colors were purple, green, and yellow. One time I saw the color purple floaters with a donut holes. When Shiva was healing me, the hole was covered with purple color.

There was one time I was not in a good mood, Shiva was tough at me. He would say something like “If you do not like it, you can leave anytime.”

Each time, I went for healing my ear noise is getting softer and softer. The noise is now less than 5%.

Through the end of the last 2 sessions, Shiva said that I hold the gold key and I can open any door that I want. Also, Shiva said I can heal myself (this is repeated over many sessions). Shiva is very rich in wisdom and it is wise to listen to Him. I learned many things about Him such as Love is the key to healthy living and lifestyle. If you choose love, the universe will support your loving energy. Shiva reminded me to live at the present moment. There are too many to list down…

Thank you Devi and Shiva  for all the love and healing energy that you have showed and given to me. Both have healed me tremendously in many aspects of my life.

Rebecca  Los Angeles


I am still floating on air from my session with Devi and feel that this is the turning point in my healing.  I have been to everyone--the $700/hour Israeli healer in NYC, the $350 Shaman from Ireland.  The hugging Saint.  A private reception with the Dali Lama.  Nothing even close to this.  Waves and waves of blissful love emanated from Devi-Shiva and healed my broken heart.  I am so grateful and so in awe of the gift I have received.

 Amy Fisher  Santa Fe, NM


Devi has an amazing healing ability that has been extremely beneficial to my entire family.  Myself, my wife, and especially two young children have all been helped greatly. We have spent several years and spent lots of money searching for solutions to fundamental problems, and in the course of just a few sessions Devi was able to not only clearly see the underlying issue but also fix it right in front of our eyes!  What we have seen has been truly amazing and the only word that fits it best is a miracle. On top of this comes a very caring, compassionate person who goes above and beyond to help her clients. There is no stronger recommendation I can give to those considering a session with Devi.

 Rama G.  Redmond WA


"Devi has a true gift. She has a purity of heart that one can undeniably sense when around her.  It is no surprise that Shiva chose Devi as a channeler so that they together can spread love and healing in a world that so desperately needs it. Not only am I a longtime sufferer of Lyme disease but I am plagued by the emotional and spiritual traumas of my past.  Devi and Shiva have helped me with both my physical and emotional illnesses in profound ways.  I am so grateful that Devi and her lovely family were called into my life.”

Alexandra Boyce  San Diego CA


Testimonials Jeffrey

 Jeffrey Bomes is one of the best body workers I have ever encountered, akin to a master mechanic who restores old cars to perfect working order, retuning all the moving parts so that the whole vehicle runs smoothly again.  Combining his firm foundation in Rolfing with his long experience in various traditional Asian modes of physiotherapy and his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, Jeffrey gets to the heart of the matter in each individual case he handles, pin-pointing the root source of imbalance in each person's body and correcting it in a systematic way that has long lasting benefits.  Working deeply into the joints, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues, including the all-important fascia that most physiotherapists neglect, he orchestrates a thorough restoration of the human body into a state of functional balance and harmony that promotes the health and longevity of the whole system. I recommend his work without reservation.

 Daniel Reid   Author of The Tao of Health, Sex, &Longevity.  The Tao of Detox, The Essence of Chi Gung, Ect.                                                        


After a chance encounter with Jeffrey at Chiva Som, my life has completely changed. Not only am I now (pretty much) pain-free, but I was so impressed with the results, I decided to go and train as a practitioner myself.  I am now based in the UK, but try to see him as often as is feasible, given it involves flying to Bali or Seattle!

As a frame of reference, nothing was ‘wrong’ with me, per se, but years of competitive tennis and ski training had taken their toll. That, plus I had a crazy stressful job in London, which simply punished my system further.  I spent a lot of time (and money) searching for some treatment, any treatment, that would ‘fix’ things, make me feel better, and allow me to return to the sports I loved. It was a long, fruitless and expensive task, with nothing really producing long-term changes.  My consumption of ibuprofen was daily. I was pretty much at breaking point, when I decided to quit the job and check into a health spa. 

I knew just after one session that Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’) was different to anything else I had had before, and that I wanted - needed - more.  It took me a while, and several long haul flights, to complete my first ten series, but after that I have never looked back.  I no longer take any pain medication of any kind (and haven’t done for years) and instinctively know that the work that Jeffrey does is good for my body.  Not only have I been able to return to tennis and golf, I feel stronger and am able to hit the ball further and faster than I did before.  I can also ski with the confidence that nothing is going to ‘snap’ - at least not as a result of an imbalanced body!

Anna Collins  Certified Advanced Rolfer Structural Integration Practitioner


Jeffrey Bomes is a talented Rolfer.  I am not just endorsing a friend but as someone who has traveled the world and has experienced over 21 different Rolfers.  Jeffrey has an innate touch which creates change with his clients.  I can feel and hear my body change as he works on me.  I was aware of how my body felt before and after the sessions. Thank you for the 10 sessions series you gave me.  You opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Joshua Molle    Certified Rolfer Structural Integration Practitioner



After years of knee pain, I was scheduled for knee surgery.  I was recommended to Jeffrey Bomes for the rolfing.  I had 3 sessions the first time we met as that was all the time we had.  Then I did the complete 10 series the following year.  After the 10 sessions, my whole body changed, I no longer had knee pain, and of course did not need surgery.  What a blessing!! 

 Cherie Blair   England