The client sits in front of me, I meditate for a moment to bring Shiva in,  I open my eyes and it is Shiva.  Within seconds Shiva says what he senses.

When this first started happening, Jeffrey and I would ask Shiva," why have you come"?  He replied, "to bring love to humanity at this time".  When we would ask Shiva, "how is it that you help people get well"?  He replied, "with love, as that is all there is".

 Why is love so important in healing?  Simply because love is the most significant thing in human life.  Genuine love must be given freely, of a person's own free will.  Love is not something that can be taken for granted; it cannot be assigned as a task. 

 Shiva removes the veil of illusion that has been keeping us from perceiving reality as it truly is.  When the life we are living and our belief systems are not in harmony with our higher self, this imbalance disrupts the flow of energy and creates dis-ease.  Often we bury very painful traumas.  We may know what the trauma is, and sometimes we do not.  

Shiva has a conversation with the client's heart and reflects what is sensed  back to the client..  This is what a good therapist wants to do, but delving into the subconscious has not been an easy task by any means for anyone.

 Shiva scans the body.   Shiva can see if the client has parasites, metals, microbes and which types.  Shiva has drawn pictures to show what it is he sees when Devi can not find the words in English.  Shiva has talked with autistic children who can not speak, and communicated between them and their parents.    

 Things are often not as they seem, not as we have been conditioned.  Clients diagnosed with dementia - alzheimers, chronic fatigue, lyme disease for example:  Shiva often finds the brain and/or the heart is not getting the blood it needs.  We are literally squeezing ourselves with the stress we create.  

 Sometimes people are too shut down, too blocked to release.  Shiva has this amazing way to release for the client when necessary.  I've seen and heard Shiva cry the deepest cries.  I've seen the greatest turnarounds following those releases.