I was born in Bali and lived there my whole life before moving to the US.

My husband Jeffrey likes to say that the Balinese live with one foot in the spirit world and with one foot on earth.  It is very common in Bali that when people are sick, they do not go to doctors, they go to Balinese healers, called Balians. 

 Jeffrey and I traveled quite a bit for rolfing years back, and in Thailand in 2010 we were very lucky to meet Paul Lennard. Paul is a legendary psychic energy/healer.  The sessions we had with him were amazing.  We became good friends with Paul and he came to visit us in Seattle.  During a session I had with Paul, he found that I had a spirit around me.  Paul could describe this spirit and told me what this spirit was saying to me.  The next day, while making food, Paul was surprised to see this spirit man in our house.  Paul taught me a special meditation with the intention of hopefully getting me to a place where I could see this spirit.  As we did this meditation, Paul would ask me if I could see things that he was seeing, and I could not.  Paul had a deep look at me and noticed I had a thin gold wire wrapped around my heart.  As he unwound and took away this wire, something amazing happened to me.  I instantly felt as though I had so much energy I was coming off the ground.  I felt like I needed to be held onto or I would literally come off the ground.  The energy was so strong, it is not easy to describe what happened.   I was looking at Paul's body, and it was like looking at an x-ray.  I was scanning his body.   I saw that Paul had a black spot on his heart.  I leaned over and blew on this black spot and it disappeared.  Paul and I didn't quite know what to make of it.  Paul and I wanted to show this to Jeffrey, and while the 3 of us started this meditation a day later, something a bit different happened from the start of the meditation.   I found my arms moving above me in a certain pattern; my head and neck would arch back with my hands stretched straight up above me; my head would come back upright and my posture would straighten up and then my eyes opened and he was here.  He said, "Hello, I am Shiva".  I was still there, but I shared my space with him.  This was the beginning.

 Now I can channel anytime.  It is the most beautiful blessing.   I am in complete control.  I can start and finish as I please.  I'm honored Shiva comes to me and helps me, my family and friends.  I am aware and remember everything that happens.  Shiva, who comes through is the most loving compassionate energy.  He says he comes to bring love and help us heal.  I have seen hundreds of people now, and this loving energy heals in such a special way on the level where healing needs to happen.